COVID-19 Supply Chain Risks & Disruptions

The effect of global pandemic of COVID-19 is felt across the industries and forcing us to re-think and re-model the supply chain. Lack of information,unpredictability of the stocks and delay in delivery has left industries working with traditional supply chain solution under pressure. With the environment seeming unlikely to settle down in coming days, we foresee

  • 20% Retails Sales impact
  • Increasing cost of supplies
  • Increasing cost of labor
  • Higher commodity volatility
  • More deliveries and less on-premise sales

SCA-Supply Chain Management

Transform your business with the help of SCA’s Supply Chain Management Offerings and cope up with constantly evolving business context

  • Understand customers and meet their requirements
  • Efficient Planning and Forecasting

  • Reduce Costs with Predictive, Real-time Analysis

  • 100% Virtual execution to help work done remotely

  • 99% Accuracy in COGS forecast – 6 months out and next week

  • 100% Supply and costs managed with market updates, supply and contingency planning

  • Scenario analysis and alternate sourcing strategies

  • Rapid Implementation-Real time Supply planning capability for business within two weeks



​SCA Planner integrates cost and demand information from throughout the system, as well as from suppliers, to speed the planning and execution of sourcing events.Works in providing Intelligent Recommendations, alerts of potential bottlenecks,with suggested solutions


Maximize Supplier Performance,monitor costs and identify opportunities given ever changing demand. Measure supplier variance against plan and use bench marking to identify cost opportunities


With our real-time COGS forecast, chains can analyze more dynamic scenarios, with more accurate commodity and inventory data, and immediately see the impact on cost of goods and margins