How we help?

Problems we solve with Proposals, Sourcing and Supply Planning:

  • Unify supply strategy, supply execution, demand change response, sourcing strategies, sourcing events and RFPs
  • The need for a robust, fact-based process for supply contracts, supplier engagements and supply strategies
  • Lack of collaboration in your supply chain
  • Lack of visibility into your needs and supplier abilities

Problems we solve with COGS Forecast & Price Management:

  • Predicting food costs accurately for stakeholders
  • Integrating risk management, demand forecasts and purchasing
  • Managing restaurant price stability
  • Simplifying price-to-stores management for purchased items

Problems we solve with Category Planning:

  • Getting an integrated view of your category and focusing on the right planning priorities
  • Applying industry trends to the management of your category
  • Engaging your organization to align your category with overall strategy