Restaurant Overview

It’s our mission to help restaurant chains overcome supply chain challenges and improve margins. Based on years of food industry experience, we have developed patented approaches that improve margins by bridging departmental silos with comprehensive end-to-end analysis of these processes.

Food Manufacturing Overview

It’s become imperative for food manufacturers to sense changes in demand, commodities or supply so they can respond quickly to drive revenue and protect margins. That’s why industry leaders rely on the SCA Planner™ suite to manage volatility, optimize manufacturing and sourcing costs and provide real-time cost and margin projections.

Restaurants: Sourcing Optimization

Protecting food and paper margins requires more sophisticated analysis beyond traditional approaches. Restaurants can reduce COGS using predictive, real-time scenarios with more accurate data and true supplier cost structures.

Restaurants: Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

In today’s volatile market, matching supply with demand while maximizing profits requires real-time data visibility and analysis. Restaurant chains use SCA’s margin-driven approach to meet demand while optimizing the trade-offs between inventory, overtime and obsolescence costs. Chains benefit from improved fill rates and reduced COGS.

Restaurants: COGS Forecasts

With our real-time COGS forecast, chains can analyze more dynamic scenarios, with more accurate commodity and inventory data, and immediately see the impact on cost of goods and margins. This more reliable approach improves franchisee and investor reporting and provides proactive food and paper cost visibility.

Restaurants: LTO Planning & Execution

Restaurants can better manage the uncertain demand associated with limited time offers (LTOs) and new menu items with real-time visibility to menu forecasts, sales, supplier and DC inventory, and COGS. The resulting higher fill rates and lower obsolescence helps restaurant chains improve profits.

Restaurants: Risk Management

Restaurant chains monitor commodity markets to utilize hedges and manage costs, but today’s market volatility requires moving beyond controlling costs to managing operating margins. Risk managers can better balance commodities risk and opportunity with early warning signals of changing demand and visibility of cost mitigation opportunities. Benefits include better coverage, risk analysis and reporting.

Restaurants: Supplier Performance Management

SCA helps restaurants move beyond current capabilities to integrated, real-time tracking of supplier performance, automatically identifying exceptions and benchmarking suppliers. Results include reduced food and paper costs and faster response time.

Logistics Solutions

SCA Technologies delivers cloud-based logistics solutions designed to reduce costs while ensuring supply and strengthening your relationship with your distributors.

SCA Planner Suite Overview

SCA Planner enables your company to mitigate supply, demand and price risk by enabling you to plan and manage optimal replenishment for different product categories. The solution helps managers to get visibility and collaborate across supply chain partners to align costs and capacity in order to ensure target margins within the context of volatile environment.

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