Overcome COVID-19 challenges

Grow revenue, improve margins and reduce costs – fast, to handle changes in demand and capacity

Today’s Need

Manufacturing business is at risk. Till now, the business model was to find customers with steady demand for the same items. Supply chain meant responding to customer demand changes with production and inventory adjustments. A multi-channel customer and product base, with fast response to changing markets and prices, will build back the business and reduce future risks. Current supply chain cannot deliver to this business need. To get there, the real challenges are:

  • Ensuring cash-flow: Revenue risks and volatility require reducing cash outlay. New reliable financial forecasts with tighter plans and lowering variances will reduce operating capital. Cap-ex can be reduced by prioritizing for today’s business.
  • Operating with reduced capacity and uncertainty: With reduced plant capacity, risk in perishable materials, changing demand, current solutions to maximize throughput in dedicated assets will not solve the problem. Manufacturers now need to prioritize their limited capacity for higher margins.
  • Handling sales disruptions: Foodservice sales are down and retail sales have surged. Managing across foodservice and retail channels is now a must. Firms with heavy foodservice focus need success in retail. Firms with both channels have to efficiently manage across channels for the common base capacity. And they need customer / channel specific pricing and supply planning, rapid product changes, smartly capacity allocation among other needs. Real-time flexible processes that can be setup quickly and easily to do them will rapidly build up sales and reduce time to market.

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A cloud platform used by food manufacturers to manage revenue, margin, costs and supply chain in real time.

By implementing the right processes, companies in the chain achieve better results for themselves and for the supply chain.

A real-time, fully digital platform across processes that maximizes margins, increases financial forecast accuracy, reduces costs, reduces risks, speeds up response to digital levels and increases productivity.

Customer Success

Our customers have used SCA Planner for significant results

300 companies, 15 food sectors
manage complex sourcing and supply chain on our platform

US$10 Billion
annual spend managed on SCA Planner

20 Years
experience in food industry with top 10 restaurants and manufactures

Customer Success Stories

“SCA Planner has been used by retailers for many years to bring business insights to the foodservice supply chain. With business processes for manufacturing that use market signals in the supply chain, SCA Planner improves the revenue, margin and risks that manufacturing businesses must deliver on.”

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The right digital processes will transform your business

  • Create agility in real time in your supply chain – fast
  • Manage business and supply chain decisions together for faster response
  • Adopt to managing uncertainty in demand and supply

Maximize revenue by 5% to 7%

Increase revenue from capacity

Improve margins: 4% to 6%

Revenue Margin

Lower COGS: 3% to 5%

COGS Savings

Real-time plan updates in short, frequent cycles: Weeks to hours

Fast Response

Better forward visibility: Increase forecast accuracy by 95%

Reduce Opex and Variances

Process automation: Free up 30%+ time for team

Team works on Business Priorities

Features: SCA Planner Advantage

Real-time financial forecasts and Planning

  • Capture upcoming changes and proactive action in real time
  • Timely reliable forecasts for better planning
  • Increase revenue, Improve margins and reduce costs

Versus traditional methods where one function updates the team on issues with email and meetings. This can take weeks to respond and results in lost revenue, margin erosion and higher costs due to delays and limited analysis.

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Channel specific business processes on a common platform

  • Set pricing, supply planning, trading partner collaboration by channel
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Manage market uncertainty with data driven real time decisions
  • Improve speed and productivity with automation

Versus traditional ERP systems that force one business process for different channels creating rigidity. Manual processes are slow, siloed and result in sub-optimal revenue and margins.

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True channel / product costing, margin analysis and optimization

  • Improve revenue and margins
  • Fast response to changing markets
  • Optimize revenue and margins with smart capacity allocations

Versus traditional standards based costing that does not reflect changes in business context such as volume and margins. Business processes with static standards result in delays,  “averaged” pricing, revenue/margin loss and higher variances

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Smart Solutions with Intelligent Recommendations

  • Faster response to changes with facts and data
  • Reduce stock-outs with proactive actions
  • Consistent and accurate information with in-built data validations and warnings

Versus current solutions where problems are identified too late in the process and suboptimal decisions are the norm.

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Specialized Solution for the food industry

  • Enable contract profiles specific to the food industry – commodities, formula, shelf life etc.
  • Three tiers of visibility, planning and collaboration – Raw material vendors to Distributors

Versus generic tools that are unable to reflect industry practices such as formula contracts and product freshness.

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Best in Class Cloud Solution

  • Inter-company web platform
  • Smart collaboration
  • Open APIs to connect with ERP, other systems
  • Self deployment increases speed
  • Continuous updates, Incremental adoption
  • High scalability

Versus common SaaS or ERP solutions that track historical data and provide operational executions are far short of driving intelligent digital processes.

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Revenue Margin Management

Prioritize markets and customers for revenue and margins goals with market and financial analytics

Business Unit Planning and Management

Real-time tracking and proactive response with automation and intelligent recommendations to stay ahead

Forecasts, Margin and Projections

Leverage latest planning and historical data with smart analytics and build the most reliable forward view

Customer Quotes and Proposals

Build customer quotes that match revenue and margin plan using cost, margin and segment price insights

Price Planning and Sales Management

Automate customer pricing process and move to faster pricing cycles to reduce variance and greater price accuracy

Cost Optimal Supply Planning

Continuously plan supply with optimal costs in response to anticipated demand changes and new customer opportunities

Customer Reporting, Costing and True-ups

Track billing, product costing and metrics across customers and automate customer receivable audits, customer reporting and true-ups

Digital Contracts

Reflect true customer agreements and contract basis in reporting, forecasting, pricing and margin analysis with automation


Go beyond RFP to understanding your category and collaborate with suppliers to find the best solutions

Commodity Risk Management

Continuously track and align your risk management activities with the evolving business

Raw Material Forecasting, Costing and True-ups

Track supplier activities, metrics, costs and accruals and leverage them for reviews, insights and projections


Report and analyze entire supply chain data in a single place and with greater data accuracy

Yield and Performance Tracking

Track waste, utilizations and other metrics and leverage them to build the most reliable forward view

Systems Integration

Leverage information from existing systems and propagate in other business processes in real time

Item & Ingredient Changes

Update item specifications or ingredients and propagate in your enterprise in real time

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