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Our cloud offering and certified integration with leading ERP or other solutions speed implementations while lowering costs.
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SCA Pilot Program

Designed for potential customers to easily leverage our repeatable, user-specific workflows to enable quick analysis of cost and quality alternatives across the entire value chain from plan to source through make and deliver.

No matter what your scope or needs SCA has an offering that can be configured for your supply chain. SCA will provide the software as well as the services outlined below to support a successful deployment.

Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics Services

With our supply chain strategy services, SCA partners with our customers to collect, analyze and run optimization/simulation solutions.

Business Process Re-Engineering Services

The business process re-engineering team helps clients re-engineer the business processes for best results, map the process into SCA Planner and train their team in the process and software.

Business Process Outsourcing

SCA offers services such as data collections, collaborative planning and reporting, price planning and projections, performance tracking, budgeting and operations management, and ongoing optimization.