Manage Supply Chain Volatility

Supply chain volatility and rising commodity costs are constant challenges for consumer products manufacturers. And conventional systems and current processes don’t provide the real-time, cross-functional visibility that’s needed. That’s why supply chain, procurement, finance and corporate social responsibility executives depend on SCA Technologies to make better decisions for billions in category spend each year. They use the unique cross-functional approach of the SCA Planner suite to address the tough challenges of volatile commodity prices, extended supply chain networks and corporate social responsibility tradeoffs in a coordinated manner.

Our innovative, cloud-based solutions deliver increased visibility and quicker response, leading to an average 3-5% reduction in the cost of goods sold on an annual basis.

Supply chain, operations, financial planning and marketing professionals all benefit from the SCA Planner’s more precise, forecast-driven costing and real-time analysis. And our customers enjoy rapid results, typically completing implementation, analysis and training in 2-4 months.
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