Improve Margins by Optimizing Sourcing & Supply Planning

It seems that volatility and margin pressures are here to stay. That’s why restaurant industry leaders turn to SCA Technologies to help orchestrate supply and demand in order to optimize sourcing and control volatility.

From quick service and casual dining restaurants to institutional food service, we help supply chain, procurement, finance, risk management and brand management executives make better decisions for billions in category spend each year. By working with SCA to increase visibility, reduce risk and manage volatility restaurant chains can:

  • reduce cost of goods sold
  • enjoy more accurate, and more timely, food and paper cost projections
  • achieve more consistent margins
  • ensure profitable supply for limited time offers and promotions.

Our innovative, cloud-based solutions deliver increased visibility and quicker response, leading to an average 3-5% reduction in the cost of goods sold on an annual basis.

Category managers, procurement, finance and menu management professionals all benefit from the SCA Planner’s more precise, forecast-driven costing and real-time analysis. And our customers enjoy rapid results, typically completing implementation, analysis and training in 2-4 months.

Solutions for Foodservice

Our supply planning and margin management solutions are designed by food people, for food people, in close partnership with our user community. That’s why quick service, fast casual and other food service providers turn to SCA to help manage billions in category spend.

Surpassing traditional approaches, SCA solutions break down silos and integrate key business processes across supply chain, procurement, finance, risk management and other departments. We help restaurant chains with…

  • Sourcing Optimization: Restaurants can reduce Cost of Good Sold (COGS) using real-time scenarios with more accurate data and true supplier cost structures. Learn how to increase negotiating leverage with predictive “should cost” while assuring supply at the lowest total cost.
  • COGS Forecast: With our real-time COGS forecast, chains analyze more dynamic scenarios, with more accurate commodity and inventory data, and immediately see the impact on cost of goods and margins. This more reliable approach improves franchisee and investor reporting and provides proactive visibility of food and paper margins.
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): Restaurant chains can use SCA’s margin-driven approach to meet demand while optimizing the trade-offs between inventory, overtime and obsolescence costs. Chains benefit from improved fill rates and reduced COGS while improving collaboration.
  • LTO Planning & Execution: Restaurants can better manage the uncertain demand associated with limited time offers (LTOs) and new menu items with real-time visibility to menu forecasts, sales, supplier and DC inventory, and COGS. Better promotion timing results in higher fill rates and lower obsolescence, helping restaurant chains improve profits.
  • Risk Management: Risk managers can better balance commodities risk and opportunity by understanding market basket risk in real-time. With early warning signals of changing demand and visibility of cost mitigation opportunities chains can improve coverage and risk analysis.
  • Supplier Performance Management: SCA helps restaurant chains move beyond current capabilities to integrated, real-time tracking of supplier performance, automatically identifying exceptions and benchmarking suppliers. Results include reduced food and paper costs and faster response time.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Logistics and distribution teams use SCA’s Logistics solutions to identify, benchmark and reward distributor partners, optimize DC locations and markets and maximize re-distribution opportunities. All while reducing costs, ensuring supply and strengthening distributor relationships.
  • Contract Management: With our Vendor-Customer Contract solution, restaurants can improve food and paper costs with full contract compliance, eliminate price variance with automated reconciliation and manage market risk in line with contract structures.

With SCA, restaurant chains can leverage more timely and accurate data along with detailed cost structures to provide more comprehensive, real-time analysis. Let us put our industry expertise to work for you. Learn more about our client success today.