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SCA Planner is an integrated suite of real-time supply chain automation tools that bring the entire organization together to do a better job of sensing changes and responding quickly.

Developed by foodservice experts, SCA Planner integrates the whole supply chain, eliminating unnecessary manual data entry and providing every team member—procurement, finance, operations or management—with the same detailed, accurate picture of supply chain conditions, updated in real time.

A full suite of supply chain capabilities

Real-time COGS Forecast

With more accurate commodity and inventory data, create more dynamic scenarios for analysis and immediately see the impact on cost of goods and margins. 

Forward-looking Risk Management

Analyze market basket risk in real time with early warning signals of changing demand and visibility of opportunities to mitigate costs.

Faster, smarter Sourcing and Procurement
Continuously optimize costs using real-time scenarios and use proactive category insights to drive fully automated sourcing events.

Supplier Performance Management

Track supplier performance in real time, automatically identifying exceptions and benchmarking suppliers. 

Margin-driven Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Meet demand while optimizing the trade-offs between inventory, overtime and obsolescence costs.

Logistics and Distribution

Identify, benchmark and reward distributor partners; optimize DC locations and markets, and maximize re-distribution opportunities.

Automated Contract Management

Achieve full contract compliance and eliminate price variance with automated reconciliation. Manage market risk in line with contract structures.

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