Orchestrating Resilient Supply Chains

Are you challenged by extreme variability in demand, commodities and capacity?

roles-supply-chainToday’s supply chain executives are under pressure to ensure profits, but the current systems and processes do not support quick cost trade-offs. Industry leaders count on SCA to help orchestrate supply and demand in order to control volatility.

With SCA Planner™, supply chain management, operations, procurement and finance professionals all benefit from the ability to sense and respond to market change. Restaurant chains can protect food and paper margins with real-time visibility of trade-offs between inventory, overtime and obsolescense costs. We support more advanced processes for:

Food manufacturers can quickly quantify the impact of alternative bill of materials, alternative sources, changes in the production schedules, substitutions and variable grades.  In addition, you’ll be able to forecast commodity prices to make better hedging and open market decisions.

If you’re dealing with tight margins, SCA Planner’s more precise, forecast-driven costing and real-time analysis is critical. Let us help you better manage market, supply and demand volatility. Contact SCA Technologies today.