The Best Recipe for Maximizing Margins

Industry leaders count on SCA Technologies to help orchestrate supply and demand in order to improve sourcing and control volatility. Our patented approaches improve margins by bridging departmental silos with comprehensive end-to-end analysis.

We help food manufacturers maximize margins with best practices for…

  • Sourcing Optimization: Using real-time scenarios, manufacturers can develop sourcing plans that optimize farm to fork costs using more accurate data and multiple supplier cost structures including FOB, cost plus and open book pricing.
  • Cost of Goods Forecasts: Our shared system for commodity forecasts, supplier and manufacturing costs empowers restaurants to finally see the impact of commodities, conversion, packaging and freight on cost of goods and margins in real-time. 
  • Sales & Operations Planning: Manufacturers use our dynamic S&OP models to see how all types of costs impact margins and find the most profitable alternative for meeting increased or decreased potential demands.
  • Risk Management: Make more precise and profitable hedging decisions and better balance commodities risk and opportunity by using SCA to share information across businesses with co-packers and suppliers.

Getting started with SCA Planner is easy.  Our cloud offering and certified integration with leading enterprise solutions speed implementations while lowering costs.

Let us help you better manage market, supply and demand volatility.  Contact SCA Technologies today.