How Technology Delivers Mass Personalization for Food Supply Chains


SCA Technologies is excited to offer How Technology Delivers Mass Personalization for Food Supply Chains, a Constellation Research report, free to our website visitors (a $995 value).

Authored by Guy F. Courtin, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, the report explores how restaurants, grocers, and food manufacturers must continually explore supply chain technologies and processes that can buttress their efforts to meet the evolving demands of regulatory compliance and consumer preferences. It also looks how companies in the food and beverage industry must leverage technology to continuously battle for profit margin and market share—both of which are threatened from multiple avenues.

Guy cites SCA Technologies as a technology provider that helps food companies become “much savvier about margin protection and growth” and make “faster, more profitable decision-making” through real-time supply chain data.

To learn more about how successful food companies are edging out their competition with smart supply chain technology investments, register to receive your exclusive free copy of How Technology Delivers Mass Personalization for Food Supply Chains.