Manage Volatility. Protect Margins.

Assessing the impact of direct materials procurement trade-offs is complex. And volatile markets, limited visibility and extended supply chain networks further complicate sourcing decisions.

It’s critical to sense changes in demand, commodities or supply and respond quickly to protect margins. That’s why supply chain, procurement and finance professionals rely on the SCA Planner™ suite to guide direct materials sourcing decisions on an operational level in real-time.

Dynamic Solutions for Reducing Risk and Maximizing Margins

It’s our mission to help food and CPG manufacturersrestaurant chains and retailers overcome supply chain challenges and improve margins. By working with SCA to increase visibility, reduce risk and manage volatility companies can:

  • optimize sourcing and supply planning using more timely, accurate and complete costs
  • better manage price planning and projections as well as margins
  • leverage margin visibility to drive collaborative processes like sales and operations planning (S&OP) or promotions planning and execution.

Based on years of food industry experience, we have developed patented approaches that improve margins by bridging departmental silos with comprehensive end-to-end analysis.