Year: 2022

Industry News

As our customers grapple with the fast changing market, we see some common themes. There is renewed interest in digital, this time around today’s needs – automation in procurement / supplier management processes and end-to-end supply visibility and planning. Managers want real digital in supply chains The need for automation in procurement and supplier management…

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SCA Planner updates

    This year has seen some significant new updates this year and several more are planned. Several of the updates including Tableau update, what-if scenarios using basis driven costing, configurable pricing have been rolled out or are being rolled out. For this issue, we will focus on the vendor-item feature as it enables e-registration…

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Customer Story

A customer whose planning process was failing due to data gathering decided to implement API integration. They learnt that API integration has more critical benefits beyond automation such as speed, holistic visibility and new critical insights. And implementing it is much easier and faster than they had assumed.

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