Customer Story

A customer whose planning process was failing due to data gathering decided to implement API integration. They learnt that API integration has more critical benefits beyond automation such as speed, holistic visibility and new critical insights. And implementing it is much easier and faster than they had assumed.

Data Integration to the rescue

The customer organization uses various planning tools that require historical information as a basis. Getting the right historical information was an exhaustive effort and took 2 weeks every month thereby causing lag in response. And then it was inconsistent and often out of sync across the planning pieces.

The client chose to integrate real time product flow into SCA Planner. With the use of SCA Planner APIs, the integration effort was simple and took less than 4 weeks. The API data structure was shared and is usually mostly common among companies. The sample data flow and its verification, including data validations, took two trials and then the integration was deployed in production.

Customers now have real-time visibility to historical data and a consistent basis of historical information. The reporting cycle has moved from 3 week delay to within a week and can be faster if needed. The historical data visualization has created further insights and findings for additional value such as identifying peaks or product transitions as a source of variance etc.