SCA Planner updates



This year has seen some significant new updates this year and several more are planned. Several of the updates including Tableau update, what-if scenarios using basis driven costing, configurable pricing have been rolled out or are being rolled out. For this issue, we will focus on the vendor-item feature as it enables e-registration of suppliers.

With vendor-item release, users can now enable supplier e-registration and notifications, thereby greatly simplifying and speeding upon supplier onboarding for SCA Planner. Vendor-item management also facilitates product changes to be implemented faster. It enables propagating item changes to the suppliers, managing cost templates and contracts by vendor-item groups, enables easy supplier assignment for items by market and keeps all forecasts up to date to reflect any item changes. 

Using vendor-item, you can easily collaborate with vendors for all different processes. Using e-registration, buyers easily onboard new vendors based on where the vendor is in the purchasing process – evaluation, e-sourcing, contracting or business awards. For current vendors, managing the vendor-item updates, buyers can keep the different processes active – be it market assignments, pricing, risk management, cost and capacity tracking. 

Once a buyer creates or updates items or vendor-item assignments, SCA Planner notifies the supplier about buyers changes and guides them through the requisite updates and tracks when suppliers provide the updates. This makes propagating items through the supply base easy and fast, automates buyer activities related to item changes, reduces redundancies and inconsistencies in data and keeps the process and reporting consistent and reliable.