Year: 2023

Product Update: Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration: Experience the Latest SCA Planner with our trial program!

    The recent update from SCA PlannerTM represents a significant enhancement in process enablement, integrating a blend of capabilities and user-focused features. This update introduces the use of events to prompt users, persistent tracking of specific action areas like items or vendors, and guided navigation for seamless process completion. These innovations streamline processes while…

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A Customer Story: Improving value offerings at the store with continuous real-time planning

Effective program execution requires collaboration across different organizations – marketing, demand, supply chain, suppliers, logistics, procurement, and menu management. With real-time collaborative and decision support systems, managers can improve supply chain delivery, and lower costs and risks. Managers, aided by real-time tools, refine decisions as the program evolves. They can also build shared risk reward…

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Industry News: Are restaurant prices maxed out?

In the latest quarter, only restaurants offering value-priced menus have experienced positive growth in comparable sales. Net sales growth now requires strengthening the value proposition of their offerings. With challenges of rising labor and food costs, and uncertainties related to climate and market risks, the opportunity lies in enhancing agility, streamlining sourcing and supply processes,…

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