Product Update: Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration: Experience the Latest SCA Planner with our trial program!



The recent update from SCA PlannerTM represents a significant enhancement in process enablement, integrating a blend of capabilities and user-focused features. This update introduces the use of events to prompt users, persistent tracking of specific action areas like items or vendors, and guided navigation for seamless process completion. These innovations streamline processes while greatly improving user-friendliness. Furthermore, a new navigation overlay empowers users to swiftly access their information or action sections, resulting in increased user adoption and higher satisfaction rates.

In addition to these improvements, the system now offers advanced capabilities in areas like what-if analysis and collaborative planning and forecasting. These tools can be effectively employed by selected groups of users to foster digital collaboration on decisions, seamlessly integrating them into their plans. The responsive costing feature is now universally accessible to improve analysis and planning in different contexts, from supply chain decision-making to negotiations, performance analysis and COGS forecasting. The processes are further enriched with smart context-based reports, allowing users to continuously visualize how their operations and plans impact procurement and supply chain dynamics, resulting in better supply chain execution, higher reliability and cost reduction.

SCA has also introduced free 3 week trials to help prospective customers visualize their processes in SCA Planner’s fully digital footprint. With focus on our customers needs and support from our solutions team, we will be able to help customers validate the implementation of their business processes on SCA PlannerTM.