SCA Technologies Releases Enhanced Restaurant Sourcing and Margin Management Solution

Offering Integrates Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance and Risk Management Business Processes  

ORLANDO – SCA Technologies, the leading provider of supply planning and margin management solutions, announced the release of enhanced capabilities in SCA Planner today at the fall summit for NRA’s Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group.  The new offering surpasses traditional approaches by breaking down silos and integrating key business processes across supply chain, procurement, finance, risk management and other departments.

Leading restaurant chains rely on SCA Planner to increase visibility, reduce risk and manage volatility. Designed by food people, for food people, this more collaborative approach integrates key business processes such as:

  • Sourcing Optimization — Restaurants can continuously optimize farm to fork costs using real-time scenarios with more accurate data and true supplier cost structures.
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) — Restaurant chains can use SCA’s margin-driven approach to meet demand while optimizing the trade-offs between inventory, overtime and obsolescence costs.
  • COGS Forecasts — Chains can analyze more dynamic scenarios with more accurate commodity and inventory data to see the impact on cost of goods and margins in real-time. 
  • LTO Planning & Execution — Restaurants can better manage the uncertain demand associated with limited time offers (LTOs) and new menu items with real-time visibility to menu forecasts, sales, supplier and DC inventory, and COGS. 
  • Risk Management — Chains can better balance commodities risk and opportunity with early warning signals of changing demand and visibility of cost mitigation opportunities.
  • Supplier Performance Management — Restaurants benefit from integrated, real-time tracking of supplier performance, automatically identifying exceptions and benchmarking suppliers.

“With food costs at an all time high for many ingredients, restaurant chains are under intense cost pressure. Our more sophisticated tools help them integrate key business processes and maximize margins.” commented Samarth Sarthi, CEO of SCA Technologies.

SCA Technologies is a sponsor of both the National Restaurant Association’s Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group fall meeting and Market Vision’s 27th Annual Fall Purchasing Conference being conducted this week in Orlando, FL.

About SCA Technologies

SCA Technologies provides supply chain and margin management solutions that help food industry leaders maximize profits by better managing market, supply and demand volatility. Supply chain, procurement, and finance professionals use the integrated approach of SCA Planner™ to make better decisions for billions in category spend each year. With this increased visibility they can finally evaluate market alternatives in a coordinated manner and respond quickly to changes, leading to an average reduction in the cost of goods sold by 3-5% on an annual basis. Learn more about our innovative, cloud-based solutions at