Inescapable ingredients (Part 3): Egging on the egg

eggEditor’s note: This is part 3 of a series exploring how chefs are using common ingredients to innovate menus. It’s OK if you missed parts 1 and 2; you can catch up here.

While the world is still dealing with an egg shortage, restaurant menus aren’t reflecting a lack of egg-based options. That’s because as long as customers demand fresh and healthy menu items, restaurants will find a way to keep eggs on the menu, said Vishy Visweswaran, chief technology officer of SCA Technologies.

“The current surge in new menu items featuring eggs represents a counterintuitive trend,” Visweswaran said. “One critical factor driving our restaurant clients to increase new menu items featuring eggs is the millennial consumer.”

Why millennials demand eggs

Food signifies an opportunity to explore new things for millennials, who view the available choices as a reflection of who they are, Visweswaran said.

Given eggs are an incredibly flexible ingredient with multiple preparation options, it is no surprise restaurants are increasing their use in new menu items, said Jasen Urena, director of Specialty Eggs at NestFresh Eggs, who pointed out eggs are a prime example of the simple, clean ingredients young foodies want.