New CRM is fast, smart and flexible

Commodity Risk Management is a complex process made up of time-consuming steps that range from collaborating with trading partners to tracking execution. Our advanced new CRM capability draws on more than 20 years of SCA Technologies experience, industry best practices, and our own subject matter experts to streamline this process. In addition, SCA Planner CRM has the flexibility to align with your own unique risk management approach.

Instant, automatic updates

This new CRM capability starts with detailed visibility into your risk management position and automatically updates it as soon as changes occur in the supply chain. You can respond by creating new hedge positions with the click of a mouse, generating immediate notifications that inform other stakeholders of their next steps. Each event updates the system’s industry-standard reports in real time, and you can create ad-hoc reports and dashboards in minutes for deep dives, further analysis, and “at-a-glance” reporting.

It gets even better when CRM combines with other SCA Planner business processes like COGS Forecasting to directly integrate commodity forecasts with finished good forecasts and deliver more forecast accuracy. And when combined with Supplier Management, CRM immediately finds and tracks variances between actual and approved raw material prices and reconciles those variances.

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