Next-Generation Sourcing Now Part of SCA Planner

Next-gen Sourcing automates “the living daylights” out of the process

SCA Planner has always set the bar high, especially in Sourcing. With new capabilities from the latest SCA Planner update, Sourcing now leverages Real-Time Category Management and other capabilities to deliver optimum forward-looking category insight and pre-analysis at the point in the process when it’s most useful: before you plan and initiate sourcing events. RTM frees your team from the time-consuming chore of collating category information for sourcing. In addition, the new update gives your team more power to collaborate effectively on priorities, while SCA Planner synchronizes the sourcing process. A new executive dashboard automates reporting and tracking to keep all stakeholders in the loop.

“When you look at the seven steps of strategic sourcing—profiling the category, finding suppliers, strategy/risk management, RFPs, negotiating, awarding contracts, and tracking results,” said Samarth Sarthi, CEO. “Our update to SCA Planner Sourcing automates the living daylights out of every single one.”

Feature summary

  • System-wide data integration: faster performance, less manual input
  • Real-Time Category Management: proactive support of sourcing events
  • Real-Time Collaboration: live notes, comments and discussions
  • Executive Dashboard: automated tracking and reporting
  • Version-Based Planning: more planning flexibility
  • Intelligent Recommendations: alerts of potential bottlenecks, with suggested solutions

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