SCA Planner gets a major capabilities update

New capabilities

  • Real-time planning and collaboration
  • Full enterprise deployment with multi-tier integration
  • Knowledge sharing, machine learning and AI
  • Intelligent notifications
  • Content integration
  • Social capabilities
  • Real-time supply planning

SCA Planner’s latest technology upgrade, rolled out this summer, is a major enhancement that adds new features including real time processes, social/content capabilities, real-time supply planning, mobile app integration, machine learning and intelligent recommendations across all modules. With this release, SCA Planner extends its enterprise capabilities from purchasing to sales, including any 1st tier and 2nd tier customers and suppliers.

Enterprise deployment

Food manufacturing companies can now leverage SCA Planner data in real time to capture contracts with their own suppliers, optimize their own supply plans for total demand, and build pricing proposals. As the data gets submitted to customers using SCA Planner, manufacturers will maintain full history and versions, simplifying planning and quotations.

Intelligent notifications

Intelligent notifications allow users to know when things that affect their area have changed or when their actions are due. So a supplier will know when demand forecast has changed and buyers will know when a supplier plans downtime. SCA Planner updates supply plans in real time to verify any resulting capacity or cost impact and notify buyers and sellers accordingly.

Social capabilities

New social and content capabilities allow users to not only input their data, decisions and revisions, but also add discussion to their inputs. In addition, SCA Planner documentation and other content has moved to a new SCA Planner Help function that delivers user-specific content.

Real-time Supply Planning

Supply Planning has moved to real-time reporting as historicals from APIs, real-time planning, and forecasting are all integrated, and users can see real time supply plans and their impact.